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Extra Large White Abalone Shell Inlaid Double Ended U-Shaped White Acrylic Focal Pendant


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Product Type: Arrows/Crescents/Tusks

Product Details

Indulge in the opulence of our Extra Large White Abalone Shell Inlaid Double Ended U-Shaped White Acrylic Focal Pendant, a show-stopping centerpiece for your jewelry designs. Measuring approximately 125mm x 75mm, this pendant commands attention with its generous size and exquisite craftsmanship. The U-shaped design, adorned with pristine white acrylic and the lustrous allure of abalone shell inlay, exudes an air of sophistication and natural elegance. Elevate your creations with this focal pendant that effortlessly combines the beauty of the sea with the modern chic aesthetic, making it a standout choice for statement necklaces or bold earrings.

Crafted for both style and substance, this Extra Large Focal Pendant offers a perfect blend of fashion-forward design and durable construction. The white acrylic provides a sleek backdrop for the intricate abalone shell inlay, creating a harmonious fusion of textures and tones. Its double-ended U-shape offers versatility in styling, allowing you to explore various design possibilities. The generous dimensions make it a captivating focal point, ensuring that your jewelry pieces become conversation starters. Dive into the world of luxury with this pendant, where the iridescence of abalone shell meets the contemporary allure of white acrylic.

Perfect for jewelry makers seeking to make a bold statement, this Extra Large White Abalone Shell Inlaid Pendant is a treasure trove of inspiration. Seamlessly blend the organic beauty of abalone shell with the modern appeal of white acrylic in your designs. Enhance the discoverability of this exquisite pendant with strategic SEO-rich keywords such as "Large Abalone Focal," "White Acrylic Pendant," and "Statement Jewelry Making." Transform your creative vision into reality as you fashion bespoke jewelry that captivates with the allure of the ocean and the sophistication of contemporary design.

Material: Acrylic, Natural Abalone Shell, and Plated Copper
Style: Double Ended Crescent Tusk Pendant (Two Rings)
Color: Iridescent White and Gold*
Size: 125mm x 75mm approx.
Sold By: Individual Piece, Chosen Randomly from Stock.

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Extra Large White Abalone Shell Inlaid Double Ended U-Shaped White Acrylic Focal Pendant