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Bodhi Beads Natural AAA | Lotus Seed Beads | Moon and Stars Beads


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Product Type: Bone & Horn Beads

Product Details

Discover the soul-soothing essence of our Bodhi Beads – an enchanting and spiritually inspired treasure that transcends mere jewelry. Imbued with the wisdom and tranquility of the sacred Bodhi tree, these beads are more than adornments; they are a pathway to enlightenment and inner peace.

Materializing from the revered seeds of the Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa), each bead is handpicked for its inherent beauty and polished to reveal its authentic charm. The exquisite brown hues and distinctive patterns etched into every seed bear witness to the natural splendor of these extraordinary beads.

Beyond mere fashion, Bodhi Beads hold deep-rooted spiritual significance, revered for centuries as symbols of awakening and mindful existence. Embrace the spiritual journey by adorning these beads during meditation, or carry their profound energy with you throughout your daily endeavors.

These Bodhi Beads are more than just jewelry; they are a testament to the artistry and devotion that go into creating something truly meaningful.

Versatility meets elegance as these beads effortlessly blend with any style, complementing both casual and formal attire. Whether you seek a bohemian chic look or a statement piece for special occasions, Bodhi Beads exude an aura of mindful living and grace.

Searching for an extraordinary and thoughtful gift? Look no further. Bodhi Beads make a meaningful and heartfelt gesture for friends, family, or cherished ones on any occasion. Celebrate their spiritual journey and let the gift of enlightenment grace their lives.

Each set of Bodhi Beads comes meticulously packaged, ready to adorn or be gifted with love. Embrace the timeless beauty and spiritual significance of these beads – a testament to the unity of mind, body, and soul. Awaken your spirit and elevate your style with our extraordinary Bodhi Beads today. Namaste!

NOTE: These beads are sold in loose lots of 12 beads each. Although the listing photos show strands, this listing is NOT for strands.

Material: Bodhi/Lotus Seed, "Moon and Stars"
Style: Rondelle
Color: White, with Black Spots*
Size: 12mm x 8mm, 11mm x 8mm, 10mmx 8mm, 9mm x 7mm, 6mm x 8mm, 6mm x 4mm, 5mm x 3mm approximately.
Sold by: Lots of 12 Individual Beads

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