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12mm Milky Quartz Faceted Round/Ball Shaped Beads with 2.5mm Holes - 7.75" Strand (Approx. 17 Beads) - LARGE HOLE BEADS


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Product Type: Gemstone Beads

Product Details

Elevate your jewelry creations with our 12mm Milky Quartz Faceted Round/Ball Shaped Beads, featuring substantial 2.5mm holes for enhanced design flexibility. Each 7.75" strand contains approximately 17 carefully faceted beads, offering a sophisticated touch with their translucent, milky appearance that catches light beautifully. These large hole beads are specifically designed to accommodate thicker threading materials like leather or suede cords, making them perfect for crafting luxurious necklaces, bracelets, and other custom jewelry pieces. The faceted surface adds a dazzling sparkle that enhances the natural allure of milky quartz, making every piece uniquely captivating.

Our Milky Quartz beads are not only stunning but are also robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear. Ideal for professional jewelry makers and hobbyists alike, these beads promise to transform any jewelry project into a masterpiece. Whether you're looking to create bold statement pieces or subtle, elegant accessories, the versatility of these beads ensures they integrate seamlessly into a variety of styles and designs. The large 2.5mm holes provide greater ease of use, reducing the complexity involved in jewelry assembly and enabling more intricate design opportunities.

Tap into the trend of crafting with natural gemstones with our Milky Quartz Faceted Beads. As a material, milky quartz is believed to promote healing and balance, adding a deeper significance to each piece created. These beads are perfect for those who value both the aesthetic and therapeutic properties of their jewelry. With their pristine beauty and functional design, these large hole beads are essential for anyone looking to enhance their jewelry-making projects with quality, durability, and a touch of serene elegance.

PLEASE NOTE: These are LARGE HOLE beads! They have 2mm sized holes for use with hemp, leather cord, European charm bracelets, etc. We also carry most of these stones in regular beads as well. If you'd like regular beads with normal sized holes, please search our other gemstone bead listings.

Material: Quartz
Style: LARGE HOLE Faceted Round/Ball
Color: White* (See Photos)
Size: 12mm, with 2.5mm Beading Holes.
Strand Length: 7.75" (approx. 18 beads per strand)

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12mm Milky Quartz Faceted Round/Ball Shaped Beads with 2.5mm Holes - 7.75" Strand (Approx. 17 Beads) - LARGE HOLE BEADS