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Pyrite Center Drilled Teardrop Beads - 3mm x 5mm Faceted


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Product Type: Hand-Cut Indian Beads

Product Details

Introducing our exquisite Pyrite Center Drilled Teardrop Beads in a charming 3mm x 5mm faceted design. These beads are the epitome of elegance, combining the natural beauty of pyrite with a unique teardrop shape that adds a touch of sophistication to your jewelry creations.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these beads feature a center-drilled hole that allows for versatile and creative design options. String them together to create delicate bracelets or necklaces, or use them as accent beads in earrings for a touch of glamour.

Measuring at 3mm x 5mm, these teardrop-shaped beads are perfectly sized to add subtle charm and visual interest to your designs. The faceted surface catches the light, creating a dazzling play of reflections that enhances the natural metallic luster of pyrite.

The versatility of these beads extends to their compatibility with various stringing materials. Whether you prefer working with wire, cord, or thread, the center-drilled hole allows for easy and seamless integration into your designs.

Indulge in the natural beauty of pyrite with these faceted teardrop beads. Their unique shape, combined with the luxurious metallic gray gold color of pyrite, offers endless design possibilities. Create stunning jewelry pieces that make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

These Pyrite Center Drilled Teardrop Beads are ideal for both novice and experienced jewelry makers. Their consistent size, impeccable craftsmanship, and exquisite faceting make them a joy to work with, allowing you to bring your creative vision to life.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your jewelry designs. Shop now and unlock the beauty and versatility of our Pyrite Center Drilled Teardrop Beads. Elevate your creations with the enchanting allure of pyrite, and let your imagination soar.

Material: Hand-Cut High Quality Indian Pyrite
Style: Faceted Vertical Teardrop
Color: Metallic Gray/Gold*
Size: 3mm x 5mm
Strand Length: 13.25" (approx. 67 beads per strand)

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Pyrite Center Drilled Teardrop Beads - 3mm x 5mm Faceted